Trap Free Montana Public Lands

Fair, Reasonable and Necessary

Exposing the indiscriminate cruel truths of trapping in Montana and promoting science based wildlife management.

Trapping is one major cause of death to rare and threatened species we have the power to easily stop.

"Incidental" catches does not equate to acceptable and excusable!

Most species trapped are not required to be reported.

Trapping is costly to Montana

Trapping commercializes wildlife, profiting a few by indiscriminately trapping the many.

Conibear are designed as quick kill traps, crushing the animal, such as a beaver, a dog, or a person's limb.

A vote for trap free public lands is a vote for conservation

Trapping violates principles of ethical hunting.

Traps and snares are indiscriminate.

We have a Right to Safe use of public lands

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Trap Free Montana Public Lands

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