Trap Free Montana Public Lands

Fair, Reasonable and Necessary

Citizen driven ballot issue committee dedicated to achieving trap free public lands in Montana.

Trapping is one major cause of death to rare and threatened species we have the power to easily stop.

We need 25,000 qualified signatures from across the state! Can you help?

Trapping is costly to Montana

Calling all volunteers! We need to collect 25,000 signatures.

Can you help?

Trapping commercializes wildlife, profiting a few by indiscriminately trapping the many.

Conibear are deadly traps that crush creatures to death, inc beaver, dogs and recently a young man's leg.

Trapping violates principles of ethical hunting.

Traps and snares are indiscriminate.

Over 50 dogs get reported caught in traps annually in Montana, just a matter of time before it is a child

A vote for trap free public lands is a vote for conservation

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Trap Free Montana Public Lands (TFMPL)
PO Box 1347
Hamilton, Montana 59840

Phone: 406-218-1170

Trap Free Montana Public Lands

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